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I have GAD, fright disorders and bipolar and this is the one medication I have sensed 100% persuaded with. Small or higher doses assisted me from things like dropping slumbering (anxiety), calming down from fright attacks and even assisted with a little mania at times.

Reason for using: CFS, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety.Side Effects: CNS difficulties, recollection shortfalls after 8 years -- alike to alzhiemer's symptoms, finally uneffective.At first you believe you have discovered the miracle. But just you wait. One day you will find that the side-affects of the pharmaceutical can be life-threatening. I altered psychs and they were so worried about the dosage (up to 4 mg per day) my other doc had me on. If you try and halt taking it, the CNS and agony from withdrawals are so awful you have to start back. Within hours after the pharmaceutical get backs into your scheme the withdrawals proceed away. So how do you get off? I don't understand but I am employed with my new doc to do it. I have enduring cognitive shortfalls as a outcome of being on it for so long and I am only 47. My recall (memory) is so awful that it is embarrassing. I misplace myself in the middle of a dialogue -- my brain just proceeds blank. I have insomnia and all kinds of symptoms. But like I said, in the starting it is a large thing. In the end--well, it feels like the "end."

I endured from disquiet attacks and periodical seizures after finding the right dosage I've yet to have another seizure and my disquiet has spectacularly decreased...

Reason for using: disquiet and bi-polar.Side Effects: MADE ME INTO A ZOMBIE. I'm now formally an incoherant disaster. Horrible recollection loss. Sometimes, it is unrealistic to pattern a sentence. Concentration impossible. I endeavoured going back to school, and I believe I have failed this semester. In 2001, I graduated with a 3.57 cum laude. Now, I seem like my mental capability is that of a 70-year-old, and I'm in my 20s. Physical agony and sinew twitches after belief. Hard to sleep. Always exhausted. Mood swings so critical that I was misdiagnosed as being bi-polar. I'm despising my life and the individual I've become on this drug. I took an IQ check a couple of months before, and I got a 109. All my other IQ checks before taking Clonopin were not less than 145. My stomach certainly hurts. My heart beats very quick for no clear-cut reason. I get furious and agitated. My disquiet has expanded 10-fold with a pharmaceutical that was presumed to decline my anxiety. This pharmaceutical messed with my mind chemistry so much that I begun utilising road pharmaceuticals recently.I lately glimpsed a psychiatrist in my state. He was taught in Europe. Apparently, it is no mystery to the medical practitioners there now unsafe, addicting, and destructive this pharmaceutical is. He was appalled that I've been on this pharmaceutical for 6 years and that my other medical practitioners not ever glimpsed the red flag being waived at them. The good report (I hope) is that he guaranteed me that all of my difficulties and matters are due to Clonopin. He even conceives that my bi polar diagnosis is due to rebound-effects of clonopin. He appeared certain that after 9 months of ceased use, (YES, 9 MONTHS OF WITHDRAWL--not a typo) my recollection, talk, and general personal and mental states will proceed back to what they were 6 years ago.

Reason for using: gad/panic.Side Effects: some day time sleepiness not anything awful but you will construct a tolerance for the drug.Klonopin did not rate a 5 for me but I liked my commentary to be put beside the top. I would rate it as a 3. On a mean only 8% of persons in the joined states really bear from disquiet initiated by a chemical imbalance remainder could arrive from hormone imbalance or life stressors. If you are the 8% benzos will become a large-scale part of your life along with a large assault but if you are just concerned or certain thing just is not going right in your life is no need to start such powerful and chemical alternating pharmaceuticals they are abounding of alternatives. I wish this assists someone.